Winter Paradises In India – Enjoying Winter Vacation Like No One Else

Winter is always the best when it comes to tropical regions. The place would be cold, pleasing, lush and enjoyable. There are a few places that would make you winter vacation ever-green in your memories in India. Here are the top 11 places in India that would make the best winter holiday getaway for all kinds of people.

Winter Paradises In India – Enjoying Winter Vacation Like No One Else

Tamil Nadu

Starting from the wildlife reserve in Mudhumalai to beach attractions in Kanyakumari, you can find a lot of attractions at its peak here. The hill stations would be in serene climate and the vegetation would be lush. Since the temperature would not go very low, the water related activities like Pichavaram backwater boating or Marina beach excitement would be at its prime beauty. Pondicherry, Ooty and Kovalam are the top places to visit during winter season.


The end of monsoon season would add a rich charm to this place. It would be filled with backwaters that are filled with water, flora which is lush with the rainfall and a muddy aroma all around. All medicinal herbs would be at bloom and you can enjoy Ayurvedic spa here. Moreover, Periya Wildlife Sanctuary, Silent Valley and other nature filled places would be at its prime beauty.  Trivandrum, Alleppey, Munnar and Thekkady are the top places to visit in Kerala during winter season.


Yes, this place is mostly for sightseeing and that can be done in all seasons. But, night camping in Thar Desert and other desert related activities can be done only in winter season. The Thar has marvelling places and mesmerizing environment on a winter night. Moreover, you can find a lot of traditional celebrations in winter and thus, Rajasthan is a must visit in winter.


It is a year round attraction for its picturesque place, lakes and garden. In winter, you can find a real little fairy tale place here. You can enjoy a lot of snow related activities, sightseeing and other attractions. You ought to take up the Mughal Garden walk on a winter evening. Skiing is also a must-do activity in Kashmir.


Coorg Hill Station, Jog waterfalls, Gokarna beaches and other attractions would be more enchanting on a winter early morning. The water would be crystal clear with a mild blue colour. Most of the famous attractions would be mesmerizing during winter. You ought to take up trekking on a winter morning in the hill ranges.

Himachal Pradesh

What is winter without snow? Himachal is a honeymoon destination for those who want snowy honeymoon. Starting from adventure sports to sightseeing, the snow would make this place into a Narnia. You ought to take up paragliding, night camping and river rafting on a winter morning. Cable car drive is the most important activity for a winter afternoon.


It is very near to Great Himalayas and it goes without saying that winter is the best time to visit this place. The foggy mornings are the best for nature related activities like national park, hill station visit and forest reserve drive. You can find a lot of animals with their small cubs in winter. For snow related activities and adventure sports, you ought to visit Nainital and Rishikesh. Visit Mussoorie for a charming hill station experience during winter.


Goa is the land for all seasons. Key attractions during winter season are the film festival, New Year parties in the beach and lush Christmas celebration. The whole city would be in party vibe. You can find a lot of celebrations and nightlife attractions during winter season.


Unfortunately, the North-East India is a paradise that is not usually explore by many. But, if you are looking for a unique winter celebration, you ought to visit Nagaland during the Hornbill festival that happens in winter. The caves and waterfall would be rich and lush during the winter season.


Lachen in Sikkim would literally be white with snow. You can enjoy a lot of trekking and other attractions here. Nature related activities would be at its prime beauty during winter season. If you love photography and nature, you should never miss Sikkim.

Andaman and Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep and Andaman would be at its prime beauty during winter. The beaches would be white and mildly warm. Though it is a year-round attraction, the winter would be even more attractive with a lot of water sports and other activities. Lagoon bathing and coral reef diving are two important activities that you should never miss in these islands.

The salt marsh of Thar, Sun City of Jodhpur, hill stations, peaks and other pleasurable places would be at its prime beauty only in winter. Starting from religious trips to honeymoon; no matter what type of vacation you are looking for, these paradises would be the best option in hand.