The Volvo C30: Review

The Volvo C30 is a change of direction for the company which is best known for its practical and boring cars. We are pleased to announce a set of car mats for the new model which is comprised of four mats that each have two fixings.

The head turning looks of the Volvo C30 are just one of the radical changes that the company has made with this new model. Volvo has even made an advertising campaign about whether people will ‘love it or loath it’.

The car certainly looks in a different league to anything that Volvo has produced in the past few years. The tailgate is made up of one piece of glass and is framed by two teardrop shaped lights. In the rear of the car, Volvo has placed two sculpted seats with an armrest in between so there is no third seat even if in most cars this is nominal. This allows plenty of space for the two rear passengers and this is just as well as it is needed under the sloping roof. The dashboard is plain and well laid out with Volvo’s usual minimalist look and if you opt for the satellite navigation this is displayed on a pop up screen.

The Volvo C30: Review

The boot of the C30 hold a fair amount of luggage, but the odd shaped boot cover needs to be moved using two hands and this can be frustrating when you want to load your shopping. The car handles well over all road surfaces and there is lots of feedback through the steering wheel. There are three petrol engines and three diesel engines on offer.

The 2.0 litre petrol will achieve 0- 60 mph in 8 seconds and has a top speed of 130 mph. The Volvo has the feel of a premium car and the pricing matches this feeling. The 2.0 litre SE is the same as the cost of an Audi A3 but is £4,000 more than a Ford Focus. When you compare depreciation, after 3 years the C30 will be half of its original price and the Focus will be at 30%-40% of its original cost. Running costs will vary and the 2.0 litre will achieve 38 mpg with an insurance rating in group 12.

One of the greatest attractions of Volvos is the reputation for safety and reliability that the brand commands. The C30 scores well on both of these features. So, if you are considering buying the new model, why not think about a set of car mats as well. Floor mats help protect the interior of your vehicle and ensure a better sell on value.