The United States Has Welcomed The Discussion Between India and Pakistan

The discussion between the Indian prime minister Narendra Modi and Pakistani prime minister Nawaz Sharif, has been highly welcomed the United States. Though these two countries have a cold relationship between themselves, but now a day this condition is starting to be melted. So, it is certainly great news for both of the nation, even also can be beneficial for the world’s economy too.  Both India and Pakistan have their own rules and strong economic power. So, if these to neighbour nations can work together, then their condition can be upgraded more powerful than the before.  There are new elections to be held in 2016. where democrats and republicans come face to face. So for this purpose republican debate live stream 2016 will be first step towards elections 2016.

On last Friday, in Ufa in Russia, a meeting had been occurring between Narendra Modi and Nawaz Sharif in the middle break time of SCO conference.  The American representative Mark Toner also confirmed about that meeting and assured that, the US government will definitely welcome this discussion and will assist to fulfil the decision, which had been taken to this meeting. He also hoped that, if the relationship between these two nations can be solved like the easy way of water, then the world’s economy and other sides also can be motivated in a very positive way.

The United States Has Welcomed The Discussion Between India and Pakistan

 Not only the current matters, but also these two leaders discussed on some past matters too. Mumbai bomb blasts and the culprit, who was included in this horrific incident, should be punished or not, it was one of the main topics of this discussion. The United States also praised the two prime minister for discussing on this previous matter. The representatives of US also wished for the best to take any further decision on this big deal and suggested to give a real figure of this decision and make a remarkable milestone as a good relationship between these nations.

From the updated news of All-India radio, it has come to know that the united nation’s chief, Ban-ki-Moon has also praised the two presidents for their wise discussion.  They said that, if the political relation of these two countries really comes to a positive point, then the whole condition of this area can also be better. So, they are also hopeful waiting for the further steps of this discussion and wished for the real version of this. Not only was the United States, this meeting also warmly welcomed by the United Nations and other organizations like this.

The political condition’s of India and Pakistan is not so much good,  It is may be known to the world. These two nations contain the icy cool relationship from the very beginning whenever they were divided into two independent nations in 1947. Though they both and other peace loving countries of the world tried their best to keep a positive relationship between them, but it didn’t come true yet. So, after the discussion of Narendra Modi and Nawaz Sharif, the people of the world are awaiting for the true and beneficial result between India and Pakistan, which can make them both benefited.