The Prince Of Persia World

Anyone who survived this planet during the period 1989 to 2010 and has any idea what a video game is forget playing one will surely know what the Prince of Persia game is. It is about the legendary prince who ruled us for two decades.

It started out in 1989 as an 8 bit game with very basic graphics, a shallow story line and a very basic karate moves and stunts has now evolved to be one the most iconic games ever made. The advanced graphics and the story line had lately become so popular and addictive for gamers that Walt Disney even   made a movie that can be argued on it’s on its popularity, but the game is something that cannot be debated on. Well the game has been around for two decades now you’ll find two generations who will second that thought.

The Plans, the Plots and the Game Play

The prince of Persia game basically is two sets of trilogies of which one released in the 90’s and the others released after 2003. The first trilogy is all about saving the princess, taking over the kingdom and escaping through the dungeons. Just like every other story you heard during that era. What makes the series so special is the game play where the prince, his sword, his intimidating jumping skills and the magic potions take him through the game.

The Prince Of Persia World

The second trilogy however has pretty much the same characters with the prince being the messiah. it starts off with the prince attempting to return the sands of time he conquered fighting much better looking and high quality of dragons and guards however the plot is quite thickened and has many more interesting characters like the Dhaka and like a movie has plots and twists and in the last becomes nostalgic where the story comes back to saving the princess from the evil minister.

With the plot being more or less the same in each of the series but the game play keeps getting better and better. The recent series of the game mainly focus on acrobatics like never seen before running across walls, rebounding off walls and also involves playing mind games like puzzles.  The enemies and, monsters become huge and unbeatable making the gamers stuck their seats till the monster is killed (the part where everyone is addicted).  You get so involved and addicted to the graphics and the game play that once you have completed the game you will feel like you have to find a new meaning to your life.

The Counter- Attack Opportunity – Play the game with this Trick to Win Like a Pro

There are several tricks to win the game – the counter attack opportunity is the best one! Pressing the block button will enable Shadhee to reveal one of her combos. The block button should be pressed till such time she performs an “uppercut” with her artillery, which is the point of counter-attack. The gamer gets ample time to counter-attack applying his sword strikes by the prolonged presence of her “uppercut” position.