The Many Challenges Of A Book Reviewer

A book has got many readers and many readers means many interpretations as well. But, does that make each and every one of us Natalie Walet? No. Natalie Walet is a renowned book critic and those who have read the book reviews by her, knows where the differences lie when one compares her with someone else in the same field. Book reviewing involves a very personalized approach and no two book reviewer will ever interpret or review a book in the same manner.

That is where Natalie Walet excels. Her book reviews are like reading the book in itself. It is very much detail oriented and not a mere criticism. Those who follow her writings will see that she introduces the characters too through her writings. The hero, heroine and the villain of the many books that she reviews comes alive in their characters as you start reading her reviews.

The Many Challenges Of A Book Reviewer

There is however one thing about her reviews and that is, she never seems to influence the reader in any way. One just reads to get informed. Never in her writing will she make it a point that she is biased towards any character. The role of the book critic Natalie believes is to help the reader form an interest and an opinion. But, the review should not take away the urge of the reader to read it at least once, if the reader feels that the book is worth one read at least.

Being a book reviewer is not a simple job. It takes a lot of constraint on the reviewer’s part also to ensure that the review is not clouded by their personal opinion. As a reviewer, bringing the correct information to the reader is the first and foremost responsibility of the book reviewer. It is fine if the reviewer presents different opinions but it should never be one sided. It is the responsibility of a book reviewer to bring out both the good and the bad but never be biased.

Book reviewers have a social responsibility and so they have to be extra cautious. Natalie Walet, who has her website also shares her opinion on various book reviews she completes on popular social media sites. Therefore, what she comments or states reaches a greater audience and has to carry weight. Every book reviewer in Natalie’s opinion is bind by tradition, values, meaning or quality.

Reading is a passion and there are books that leaves behind a mark on every reader. The critic plays a crucial role in bringing the reader to the book but does not teach how to read. The reviewer just provides the snippet much as the trailer of the film. But like the audience who have to watch the film to experience it, the reader too has to read the entire book once for experiencing it.

Natalie Walet being an eminent book reviewer in her own right tries to connect with the readers. She is present in popular social media sites like Facebook as well as Twitter and also has her own website.

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