The Facts About Long Term Personal Loans

What Is A Long Term Personal Loan

A long-term personal loan is a loan that is usually given by a bank or some other type of financial company or institution. These loans are given a fixed interest rate when you apply and agree to the loan. The payment is due on a specific day of each month for a set period of time. This is called the repayment period. When interested in applying for this type of loan you can go directly to the lender and get a loan with bad credit, you can apply online, or even by telephone.

Low Monthly Payments

A long-term personal loan is given its name by having a long-term repayment plan. With a long-term repayment plan you will end up with smaller monthly payments. The longer the term is the smaller your payments will be. Depending on exactly how long your repayment term is will depend on what kind of an interest rate you will be given when you are approved for the loan. Usually the longer the repayment period is the higher the interest rate will be. However the interest rate will also be decided on based on the amount of money you borrow and how good your credit history and rating is. There are free online calculators that are available to help you decide what monthly payments and interest amounts will be the best for you.

The Facts About Long Term Personal Loans

Benefits Of Long Term Loans

When looking at long-term loans and comparing them to short-term loans you will find that there are many benefits to having a long-term loan. Depending on your financial situation a long-term loan may be the best decision for you.

A long-term personal loan can help with debt consolidation. What this means is that you have the availability to roll all of your outstanding debts into one monthly payment. This will give you one payment to make every month that is usually a smaller amount than if you were trying to pay all of your debts separately and usually the interest rate will lower. Your payment will be due the same day every month and to one lender not several.

High ticket items can also be purchased with a long-term loan. Often times people can not afford new appliances such as a washer and dryer or a refrigerator so they will take out a personal loan to help pay for it. This will give you more money to spend than if you were buying out of pocket and you will have a longer time period to pay off the merchandise.


A long-term personal loan can be readily available even if you are a borrower with poor credit. These loans come both in the secured format as well as the unsecured format. You should research the loans available for the best rate and repayment period available before deciding on the loan you wish to have. Once you have the loan you can do with it whatever you wish.