New Mother and Baby Gift Ideas

Becoming a mother is such an exciting event in a person’s life, but it can also be stressful. For each move the baby inside her makes, there is a matching moment of pure stress for a mother. As mums start to setup a new home and heart for their new baby, there can be high levels of anxiety and worry. But friends and family can make this transition easier with amazing gifts for the mum-to-be. Check out these three amazing present ideas that new mothers will surely use often and adore.

1. Baby Bouquets

You may assume that a bouquet of flowers is in no way appropriate for a new, little baby. Babies don’t care about flowers. The great thing is that these bouquets are fun spins on arrangements of flowers. The bouquets are created with face washers, darling singlet’s and “flower bibs,” or bibs that have been rolled to appear like flowers. Sometimes, a toy teddy bear holds everything together as a cute accent.

New Mother and Baby Gift Ideas

2. Nappy Cakes

No, these are not used nappies made into a cake. That surely doesn’t sound very appetizing. The cakes are made by assembling different products. Nappy cakes include lotions, nappies and other quality items.

3. Baby Baskets

Baskets are often just for mums, but not with these gems. Consider a basket made up just for a baby with baby moisturizer, shampoo and a bib. A beautiful plush teddy bear is also included for the little boy or girl.

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