How To Reduce Weight Using Jogging?

If you intend to lose weight, then you can go for jogging which is one of the effective exercises. It is a kind of cardio exercise which is known to burn significant amount of calories. The logic of weight loss is that the calories consumed should be less than calories burnt. Jogging is like a lottery ticket for getting lean. Even if short jogging sessions like 20 to 30 minutes also can lead to good weight loss results. Jogging can yield better results if it is done while you are taking some weight loss program like Reshape- a weight loss balloon, for losing weight.

How To Reduce Weight Using Jogging?

Here are some of the tips which one should follow while jogging:-

1. The primary aim is to set some weight loss goals and setting your milestones. It is important to track and record your progress at the end of every week. Reducing 1-2 kg every week is a healthy weight reduction progress. For reducing 1 kg a week, it is important to consume fewer calories than you consume.

2. If you choose jogging as your workout, follow a daily routine of 30 to 30 minutes jogging sessions. If you are a beginner, you can jog at your comfortable speed like running for 5 minutes and then brisk walking for another 5 minutes. Gradually, the pace can be increased. It is advisable to measure the amount of calories you burn using a calorie calculator.

3. It is important to increase the difficulty level of workout to burn more calories. Intensity should be added in the workout for burning calories fast. In jogging, the intensity can be increased by enhancing the running speed. Running faster will cause you more to sweat, which would eventually lead to more weight loss.

4. One smart way of adding a difficulty level to your jogging sessions is to run on an inclined surface. A more dedicated person can jog up hills or up stairs for burning more calories. This will strengthen your knees a lot. It may be painful in the beginning, but it can lead to wonderful weight loss results. If you want to add a comfort to your jogging sessions, you can jog on a soft surface like grass or sand.

5. Always watch out for other factors which are related to your comfort zone while working out like the sport shoes which you are wearing, the clothes which you are wearing and many other factors. It is good to continue with walking, if your knees or joints are paining beyond tolerance while jogging.