How Easy Is To Order Food Online

Sometimes it is very hard to order anything from the internet, lot of data is needed, usually and complex interfaces for the payment, and so on. Talking about food, thanks to this new brand, is very easy, and, thanks to the data they gave to us, the average time to place an order is one and a half minutes.

We are talking about Foodpanda India, since not too long ago, the most important food delivery website in India, from where you can order a great dish in 14 cities so far, but they have plans to open, at least, to 20 cities.

Based in Berlin, east of Germany, and already in 32 countries, India has been one of the first openings. Foodpanda is mainly focused in emergent countries, for example, every South American country, Eastern Europe and South Asia, and now, opening interesting countries like Rwanda or Jordan, where they expect a good performance and good penetration in the food delivery market.

Last month, they launched the global App, which is working pretty well, as I can read in Google Play and App Stores, comments that people leave there about the application. Now, the App has all the info of those 32 countries.

How Easy Is To Order Food Online

Almost every cuisine of the world has a space on our website to place your order, from Bunjabi to Chinese, from Latin American cuisines to Italian pizza and pasta. Choose between a huge variety of possibilities and enjoy the quality of the restaurants in our system. In Foodpanda, we are pretty sure that you will eat, enjoy and get fully satisfied with the food our restaurants offer.

The process is very similar either through the App or the website. The first thing is to write the location, and then, every restaurant that delivers to your place will show up in a list, which you can filter by cuisines, delivery free, price and so on, and it is very useful, because there are many restaurants, and without it would be difficult to find exactly the one we want.

Taking a look inside the restaurants, everyone can check the reviews that previous customers did, and make a decision according to what they say. Also, in the info tab, you can check every payment method and the delivery info, which is also important, and the opening times as well.

After placing your order and wait not too long, just a few minutes, food will arrive safety to your place, and then, it is your turn to enjoy every bite from the start to the end.

Do not forget, after enjoying your food, to leave a comment on the restaurant page, then, people who visit this restaurant will know how it is.

A trustful website, to place food online orders, and it is easy to choose a restaurant, classified by cuisines. Foodpanda focus on keeping an intuitive website to make life easier for customers. Try them, and write your comments here about your experience!