Driving Lessons Should Be Required For Senior Citizens

Three days ago I was driving to go play some golf. I was tailing an old Buick and we were approaching a stop light. So I started to brake, but noticed the car in front of me wasn’t.

Sure enough, it didn’t stop and went right through a red light. I was shocked and angry because what if a car had hit them going through the green light at the intersection? Senseless accidents happen all the time and it’s sad to hear of people losing their life or being severely injured on the road because of things that could have been prevented.

I waited for the light to turn green and proceeded to catch up the car. It was an elderly man driving with his wife. I asked them to pull over so I could make them aware of the fact they just ran a red light.

Driving Lessons Should Be Required For Senior Citizens

They agreed and I chatted with them. Both were very pleasant and reminded me of my grandparents. Their children did not live in the same city so they had to do all of their errands themselves.

This was all beside the point. They still should not have been driving as they had no idea they just ran through a red light. I asked them when the last time they had their license renewed. It was two years ago!

Then it got to me thinking about driving laws for seniors and how they should attend a Westshore Driving School. It’s apparent that after you reach a certain age your eyesight at memory start to go. So it’s apparent that all seniors after a certain age should be required to take a road test again. This could really help cut down on driving safety and prevent people from getting injured and even ending up dead, thanks to a senior citizen who is driving when they shouldn’t be.

Driving Lessons Should Be Required For Senior Citizens

As much as you think driving lessons are for young teens and that they can be a danger to other drivers on the road, senior citizens need to be tested once they hit a certain age. You see, many driving schools like Westshore Driving School offering lessons to seniors just so they can ensure they still remember the driving laws and are able to function a vehicle without being a danger to the other drives on the road.

So if you see or know of any seniors who might not be able to operate a motor vehicle, kindly suggest they take a few driving lessons.