5 Tips For An Eco-Friendly Car Wash

A daily car wash will keep your car shining and in good health, however it can have adverse effects on the environment. It leads to water wastage and lets auto fluids to the drains. The truth is that the most Eco-friendly way to wash your vehicle is to take it to a professional car wash facility. They utilize computer systems and use special nozzles to minimize the amount of water used. They are also required by law to treat their dirty water, discharge into a state approved drainage facility or re use it. Some facilities even use nontoxic products, recycles their water and use high pressure washing systems, which use less water than the average commercial car wash.

If you want to wash your car yourself at home and still show mother earth some love, here are five.

Eco-friendly Tips

1. Pack the Car on the Lawn

This will help you to cut on water usage since you wash your car and water your lawn at the same time. The lawn also helps to filter the dirty water and prevent it from running directly into the sewer. Phosphates present in some detergents are beneficial to the soil and plants. Washing the car at the lawn prevents the soapy water from forming puddle on the road that may tempt stray animals.

5 Tips For An Eco-Friendly Car Wash

2. Choose the Right Detergent

Using a detergent and soaps that contains a lot of chemicals is hazardous to the environment. Many brands in the market are Eco-friendly, these detergents are made of biodegradable ingredients that are good for the plants and the soil. You can make your own Eco-friendly detergents by mixing laundry and dish-washing detergents as long as they do not have chlorine or are petroleum based.

3. Limit Water Usage

Blasting your car with the hose is a huge and unnecessary waste, before you use the hose scrap away bugs and dirt clumps. Once this is done you will be able to wash the car quickly without using a lot of water Fill a small bucket with water and biodegradable soap, rinse the car and turn off your horse. Wash it, and rinse again. Use a nozzle for your horse to stop the water from coming out when you are not using it

4. Go Water Less

You can use waterless products that allow you to wipe the dust and grime with absorbent. An average car wash at home consumes about two hundred litters of water and it pollutes drains and the waterways. There are great water less formulas in the market that are good for spot cleaning and upkeep. There is no need for water; all you need is a cloth and a spray bottle.

5. Avoid Using Paper Towels

Drying your car using paper towels and throwing them away is wasteful, pollutes the environment, and is not economical. Instead, use old t-shirts towels to dry our car and re use them. Alternatively, you can buy reusable terry cloths. Finally always follow Dsa theory test rules on environmental friendly methods of cleaning your vehicle.