3 Simple Yet Important Beauty Tips

There are not many women who actually enjoy going through a long, complicated skin care routine twice a day, even when beauty is at stake. There are better things to do with our time. All you have to do, however, is ask any French woman – who are known for their beautiful skin and the few wrinkles they have later in life – about the importance of skin care and they will let you in on an age-old French secret: performing skin care is vital from the time you are young. Practice skin care when you are young and your skin will thank you later in life.

3 Simple Yet Important Beauty Tips

For those of us wanting simplicity in our lives, here are three must-take steps:

Cleanse, wash, or wipe. Never go to bed with your make-up on or without having washed your face. Even if you have to grab a make-up wipe to remove your makeup, at least you are not sleeping in a full face of make-up chemicals. A quick rinse following that wipe would be even better. When it comes to morning, never start your day without washing your face of all those oils you built up over night.

Hot showers are out. Warm showers are a kiss of sunshine on your skin. They will not dry your skin out and will allow your skin to be closer to its natural state.

“While you are taking that warm shower, make sure that you use good quality soap that will not dry out your skin despite having used warm water. Try exfoliating about once a week for glowing skin after sloughing off any dead skin cells,” said Kristie Friedrichs of Wayzata Medical Spa & Skin Care.

Sleep (and more sleep). Make sure you get somewhere between seven and eight hours of sleep each night. Your skin and body will both thank you. Missing even a few hours of sleep one night can impact your morning look and regularly missing sleep will impact your health.